Monday, 8 July 2013

Cosfest XII 2013 - The Soul of Cosplay

 So finally, I was able to cosplay yesterday and it was the first time I was actually able to attend Cosfest. I was often busy with exams all the previous years and this year is the year where I think I really am able to enjoy myself. In case you didn't know, Cosfest which is short for Cosplay Festival, is an annual event held for all cosplayers and also fans of it.  This year it was held on the 6th & 7th July at Downtown East. Day 1 had the theme of the Heart of Cosplay while Day 2 had the theme of the Soul of Cosplay. It's an opportunity for cosplayers to not only strut their stuff but also connect with other fellow cosplayers and embrace the love for all things anime. Many photographers also use this chance to recruit cosplayers for photo-shoots, collecting Coscards, which is basically like a modelling business card for cosplayers. Of course, many just love to portray the characters they love for fun and just to join in on all the fun at the event. There are various stalls set up selling items for plush toys, cosplay items and to even self-illustrated fanart. There's also a combined maid and butler cafe. Then again, many might come mainly to see the celebrity cosplayers who are judges for the highly anticipated  Cosplay Competition.  The winners of the competition will be sent to Japan to represent Singapore. The celebrity cosplayers that graced us with their appearnce this year was the beautifully talented Kotori-san and totally cool Inui-san.

Left: Kotori, Right: Inui

Anyway, I went as Gintama's Kagura, Yoshiwara Arc version while my brother went as Hijikata of the Shinsengumi. We went on Day 2- The Soul of Cosplay; and got up early to make the necessary preparations. At first, we planned to take the train all the way to Downtown East which was like 26 stops from our place. But, luckily my parents decided to sponsor our taxi fare there.

Done with makeup and wig.
I've been told tat I look like a completely different person when I cosplay which is a good thing I guess. Anyway, my kimono still turned out to be a little big despite some alterations but there wasn't much that I could do at the moment so I just went with it. Once we reached there, we were overwhelmed with the huge crowd of cosplays. Before anything we decided to have brunch at Macs which was filled with cosplayers. A little angmoh girl walked up to me suddenly and asked, "Why is everyone all dressed up like that?" 
I was slightly surprised at her approach and wanted to give a reply but then her father pulled her away saying that there's a festival going on. After that small encounter, we made our way into the exhibition hall where the main event was held. 
The entrance to the hall. (Photo does not belong to me)

The outdoor. (Photo does not belong to me)
There were many photo taking going on both indoors and outdoors. The crowd was pretty massive inside and I was really glad it was air-conditioned because it was really hot outside. I seriously salute the cosplayers posing outdoors in the heat. My brother and I just walked aimlessly inside browsing through the stalls. I was really hoping to find a Bepo plush toy as I was planning to cosplaying One Piece's Trafalgar Law female version in future. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate one. I'm considered an amateur cosplayer so I was really blur when a random tapped my shoulder and it took me awhile to realise he wanted a close-up shot of my cosplay. So yeah, I awkwardly posed for him. After that, a few random photographers approached me as well and before I knew it, a crowd was forming around me, taking pictures. Eventually, I took out my umbrella and posed with it. All was well, but my brother was getting exhausted from all the standing and walking. We decided to rest at a corner of the hall. I wanted to sit down but my kimono was abit too short for that. While resting, another photographer approached me for a photo and requested for my Coscard. However, being an amateur, I didn't have a Coscard and apologise to him for not having one. Later on, we met other fellow cosplayers from the same anime, Gintama. They were cosplaying Okita and Hijikata the Shinsengumi Death Game Arc version which really was one of my personal favorites. Actually, they waved to us from far and my brother was wondering if they're waving at us. So we awkwardly waved back looking cluelessly around. They eventually approached us and we all took pictures together. It was not long before the Coslay Competition started and wow, were the contestants good! I was quite near the stage and was able to see Inui-san up close. He was cosplaying One Piece's Rayleigh which was as awesome as always. Once it was over, we decided to rest outside as it was getting hard to breathe in there. The crowd was slowly dying out as time passed by as the main highlight was pretty much over. 

Taken at the event. Sorry for the poor quality.

Taken Indoors. And yes, I realise
the kimono is really big on me.

I waited for my bestie Nadiah who wanted to visit me at the event. She was really supportive of my cosplay and I was really happy to see her there. She wasn't a fan of anime, manga or cosplay but she did read one or two manga. Despite all that, she traveled down just to see me and it really meant alot to me. My brother couldn't comprehend such loyalty and friendship, commenting that she was weird. haha.  We then went in again, and I showed her the cafe from afar. We caught a glimpse of the butlers and were tempted to go in. But we decided against it since we were low on cash. Anyway, we watched the karaoke session and alot of my favorite amine songs were played such as Rain by SID and My Soul, Your Beats by LiSa. Then, I had another round of photo-taking. Nadiah also took some pictures on her polaroid. We then had an early dinner at Fish & Co. Actually, my brother and I were full. But we decided to eat because Nadiah was hungry and we felt bad since she already traveled just to see us too. We then slept in the train ride home. An didn't really care anymore that people were staring. Overall, it was an great experience. Next up, Anime Fest Asia 2013!

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