Friday, 5 July 2013

Back-to-School Hairsytles

School's back and it's all about the exams this few months. But don't let that stress get to you. Do take care of yourself and remember that the way you look affects your mood for the exam. So here are some simple hair ideas which not only takes the least amount of time but also provide that edge you need to start a school day.

1. The Standard Ponytail

The high ponytail.

The low ponytail.

If you had long hair once, you've done this before. Since young, we were told to tie our hair up neatly in a ponytail for school but that doesn't mean it ain't classy. Especially with such humid weather in Singapore, you tend to put it up in a ponytail often so that your hair is less messy and in your face. This is especially perfect for exam periods when your doing some hardcore studying. So try a high or low ponytail for school. And if you're more skilled, try taking it up a notch with a braid. (See below )
★But take note to not tie your hair too often as it can lead to hair damage and even hair fall.

The low messy side braid.

The elegant high ponytail braid.

2. The Simple Pull-back

The pompadour pull-back.

The side swept pin.
Probably the most easiest as it only takes minutes to do. Bangs sometimes block your line of vision despite how perfect it seems to contour your face. It is very common to pull back your fringe when reading or studying. And there many ways to do so while still looking fabulous. All you need is some bobby pins and maybe a little hair spray to set it. To make it more sassy, get your hands on some really pretty hair accessories like a cute ribbon or hairband. (See below)
★Now who says you can't look good without bangs.
A classic headband pull-back.

The sweet flower side pin.

3. The Sweet Bun

The high bun.

The side bun.

The low bun.
From a dance background? Then this look is definitely not new to you. Dancers, especially in ballet and contemporary, often have their hair up in a bun to portray an elegant, timeless look. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that only dancers can pull off that dainty look. It's perfect for anyone, especially girls with long hair as it is much easier to be put up in a bun. You can use bobby pins, chopsticks or a simple hair tie to achieve this look. Even just a simple flower in the hair can do wonders.
★The best part, even if the bun is messy, it still looks fabulous.

The messy hair tie bun.

The traditional chopstick bun.

The beautiful flower bun.

Well, that basically sums up back-to-school hairstyle ideas. Hope you try them out and tell me what you think. Just to make things clear, the images are taken off google and do not belong to me. I also got some of these ideas from teenvogue and sixsistersstuff.

Do check out their sites!

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