Sunday, 16 June 2013

Traders' Market, A Blogshop Event + Strictly Pancakes Review

Saturday, another awesome day. I was supposed to have a Family Photoshoot with Lumiere Photography. Sadly, their schedule was fully packed so we had to postpone ours to August. My parents were quite okay about it as it gives us a chance to flaunt our Hari Raya clothes. Speaking of Hari Raya, fasting month is just around the corner. Wow, how time flies. If I'm not wrong, the official start date is 10 July 2013.

Anyway, I think I was quite lucky cause it so happens that my friend, Karyn, won priority passes to the Traders' Market, this blogshop event. And she chose to take me along; so honored. haha. Basically, we went there to shop at super duper cheap prices. The most expensive item sold there was around $25 and the cheapest was a mere $5. So yeah, it was quite worthwhile to go for the event at Clark Quay. We bought 5-6 pieces of clothing with a total of less than $50.  How great is that right? I have to say though, I was not too thrilled about the unbearably humid weather.

So after shopping for about an hour or so, we still had enough cash for a nice little dinner at Strictly Pancakes. Well, we kinda reached the restaurant a little early and had to wait about ten minutes as it only opens at 6pm. When we were finally seated, I ordered Apples & Cinnamon while Karyn had Strawberries & Co. Once served, we instantly breathed in the sweet alluring smell of freshly made pancakes. The first few bites were heavenly too. However, I felt that the pancakes were too thick for my liking so 3 pieces was too much for me I handle. By the time I touched the 3rd layer of pancakes, my stomach was already stuffed and I was beginning to get sick of it. We also observed other couples who couldn't finish their meals. One couple had ordered both chocolate delights and it seemed like they gave up eating halfway. haha. 

Overall, it was a good meal but the portion was just a bit too much. But if you have a hearty appetite, I'd say it's definitely worth a try. Anyway, we'll probably gonna avoid pancakes, waffles, crepes and maybe any dessert for the time being. For our next food destination, we're gonna go for some sushi. yay!

Strictly Pancakes: 

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