Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Like the tittle states, this is more of a self-intro of myself and what this blog entails in future posts.
So to start off, I created this blog mainly to cover various events or activities that have made small yet significant impressions of my life. Do check out my previous blog which  mostly consists of stories of a naive little me starting from Primary School to the end of Secondary School. It unfortunately died during my JC years as I barely had the time to access my laptop back then due to the overbearing school life. Previous Blog

Anyway, moving on. Since then I have been and am still currently on my long 8-9 months holidays after A levels. I have worked for 3 months in a Japanese IT company as a finance assistant and even went on a last minute wild vacation with one of my best friends to the foreign lands of Hong Kong. Now I am currently a float assistant/assistant trainer for the GNS School of Business and Technology. I mainly take care and coordinate secondary students which has been quite a fun and fulfilling job compared to my previous office job.

During this long holiday, there are much more activities to come and I hope to share these little imprints of my life with others and also leave a memento for myself. Cheers to future blogposts.

Upcoming events:
Bros in Army: Book Out
Family Photo-shoot
Dessert Spree
Lepak in Langkawi
Cosfest 2013

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