Sunday, 16 June 2013

Girls Night Out

On Friday, my two besties and I had planned to go for the Tangled musical at Esplanade. Unfortunately, we were late and ended up ditching the musical for a simple dinner at Qiji at Marina Square. There were lots of stuff to catch up on since I haven't met them in awhile. Afterwards, we just decided to window shop which was mainly focused on checking out different brands of cosmetics and beach wear. We were discussing what I should wear for my trip to Langkawi. Yes, my family plus my grandparents will be going to the tropical lands of Langkawi. It'll be our first family trip after 3-4 years. I for one am super excited to try out the water activities there especially the paragliding. In addition, Langkawi is also a duty free state which makes it great for shopping.

 Anyway, somehow we changed our topic of discussion to one on weddings. We suddenly chattered away about different themes and plans for a wedding event. Of course, they were mostly focused on discussing my marriage. We talked about a whole range of things from food served at weddings to ideal places for a honeymoon. Venice was one of the places that came up. It has always been a nice dream for us to visit Venice before it sinks. If you take social studies in secondary school, you'll know what I mean. Haha. As we were headed home, Indah recieved a strange phonecall and it was a major shock to know that it was Firman calling. You see, Firman is currently on a trip/voyage to the seas due to the course that he studies -maritime I think. He had just left for his 6 months of sailing last month and we didn't think we would be hearing from him so soon. Apparently he was calling from Nigeria too. Wow. Unfortunately, the signal was bad and I didn't get a chance to talk to him properly. Overall, it was a good night.

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