Monday, 10 June 2013

Bros in Army: Book Out + Watami Food Review

Last Friday night, 7 June, two of my most guy friends, Sup and SH had finally book out after a few months in army. And yes, when I mean army i mean serving NS at Tekong. So we decided to meet up with the usual group on Saturday to catch up and eat good food.

So Saturday came and we decided to go Woodlands instead of the initially planned meeting at Serangoon as we were far too lazy to travel. That and ez-link adult fare can be quite a pinch. Anyways, the army bros were really hungry for some good food. As it turns out, the food served in the army isn't all that appetizing. I was told that their meal mostly consisted of chicken drumsticks and other under-cooked or overcooked side dishes. Normally I would say I would rather starve then eat a poorly cooked meal, but then again, I'm a girl and I do not need to serve NS. Yay me. Unfortunately for those guys, starving in army is also equivalent to certain death there especially with all the strenuous training and whatnot. I practically gasped hearing the next part. Apparently, there is some sort of time limit imposed during meal times. Around 15 mins each meal. While that is a reasonable amount of time given, I'd sure hate to rush my food. It defeats my motto of savoring food with each bite. But then again, the guys aren't eating for pleasure: they're eating to build up energy. So part of me did sympathize with them, and thus we agreed to eat at a nice, slightly pricey restaurant even though I was looking forward to a nice budget meal.

Watami's set menu.

Anyway, Sup had a craving for some Japanese food so we ended up at The Japanese Casual Restaurant: Watami. Frankly speaking, I had never been there before due to various reasons, but upon flipping through the menu once, I'm sure I was definitely drooling at the side. Every single page of the menu looks so delicious that we took at least half an hour to decide what to order. When we did, we went with two plates of Touban Gyu Steak, a Mentai Potato Pizza and a Salmon Sashimi don. For drinks, we had a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; one of them being alcoholic Cookies&Ice cream which we ordered out of curiosity. And yes after the taste test, I can definitely say that the food ain't all about looks, it tastes just as amazing. When we were finally done with that, we had desserts which were randomly chosen by Sup. So we ended up with two parfaits, one chocolate and one matcha, plus something called a Matcha Azuki HoneyToast. As usual, we love them sweet things so we instantly cleared off all our desserts. The army bros suddenly had a small urge to drink after our desserts and ordered two whiskey shots for themselves. After looking through the menu again, for the fourth time, we ended up ordering some Sukiyaki Nabe. At this point I was starting to get worried about not only the bill but the size of my tummy as well. Luckily for me, Sup was feeling super generous that day and decided to fork out the bill for all us. Thanks a lot man!

We soon realised that we had spent a few hours in the restaurant. I can say that 70% of the time was spent eating and the guys were in a heated discussion about army life in the other 30%. I was lost in the conversations most of the time despite Tim trying to desperately explain certain terms and things so that I would understand what was going on. Eventually, Nadiah showed up and we decided to head to Starbucks to continue catching up. The guys wanted to watch a movie since they said they were deprived of many things ever since NS. Sadly, I only had two hours till curfew and told them to go without me but they said they wouldn't go if I wasn't there. Something about how two guys watching a movie together may seem gay. So at around seven-ish, we went our separate ways. They've got field camp next week and thus we won't be able to meet up for awhile. Overall, I had a great time catching up with my bros and cant wait to hang out again. Till then, take care guys!

P.S.: Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the food. I was too busy eating. hehe.


Although it was quite pricey, the food, the ambience of the restaurant and the service was great. So, personally, i feel it's worth the money.

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