Friday, 9 October 2015

All the hype, on Cosplay Amino!

I've been blogging about my cosplay stuff on this mobile app called "Cosplay Amino" lately. Hence, my the recent inactivity on my blog. It's just much more convenient to upload my posts there and I can look at fellow cosplayer blogs as well. The app is all about sharing cosplay shoot photos, wok-in-progress, tutorials, discussion forums and even chat rooms with otakus all over the globe. So yeah, it's a pretty useful, fun and interactive app. 

Do download it if you haven't. Simply either go to your mobile app store and search for Cosplay Amino, or you can click HERE to get the app.

Here are some of my top featured posts on the app! (You can read on them on the web so don't worry if you don't have the app yet hehe.)

If you have the app, do check out my blog and follow me if you like. Will be uploading a new post soon, sometime this weekend on some progress for my Halloween plan. Till then~

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Friday, 2 October 2015

CLEO IT Girl event

Received an email regarding CLEO's It girl. So I thought, "hey why not try this out?" I haven't done a makeover in a long while. This time, I decided to do something different this time, dragging my BFF along. Luckily, Indah was open to the idea of getting our makeup done there.

On the event day, we arrived with our naked faces. While waiting for our turn to get our makeup done at the booth, we tried to finish up a crossword puzzle to redeem a free makeup remover. Well, I did most of the filling up and Indah just did the copying. haha.

Eventually, it was my turn and I got Serena as my makeup artist. I always get tensed up when people do my makeup for me. Luckily, Serena was friendly, asking my opinion on the colours and look I want. I had to turn in my seat at one point as lighting was kinda bad since the booth is quite shaded so it was hard to tell if the makeup was applied properly. I totally can relate to makeup artists and their problem. haha.

Thanks again for dolling me up that day. The overall makeup style is quite light as compared to my usual fashion and cosplay makeup but it's definitely wow enough for everyday wear. I really love the vibrant moist lipstick colours from Za !! I shall head down to Watsons to get my hands on some soon.

Took some photos at the booth and made conversation while waiting for Indah to be done. The makeup artist took a long time with her eye makeup apparently. Ahh well, Indah has hooded eyelids which do not make it easy to add definition with eye-shadow or draw on eyeliner. The eyelids basically fold inwards, so no matter how thick you draw, it's not gonna show up very well on the eyes. I did makeup for one of my friends who had hooded eyelids too and struggled with the eye makeup for quite a bit. The key here really is to draw the eyeliner while the eyes are open, tightlining is very important for these type of eyes.

Anyway, Indah still looked great in the end. She doesn't bother much with makeup but she looks flawless when she does. Goofed off at the photobooth cause they're meant to capture our unglamness. haha. It's so cool how they made the photos into gifs and emailed it to us instantly. Check out our awesome gifs!

After the event, Indah introduced me to this chicken place which I never heard of before called Wing Zone. But its pretty yummy, you can choose a flavour you like for your chicken, from sweet to spicy. Indah had some Samurai Teriyaki flavour while I settled for some Honey Q flavour.

We then went to meet Xt afterwards at JCube as she just ended work (she was supposed to go for the makeover too but she couldn't escape work aww ) and accompanied her for dinner at Nandos. Tried Rainbow cake for the first time, but I'm sorry, it tasted bad. Too much cream and artificial flavouring for my taste. I guess it really is just pretty to look at. Catch up a while before I had to go home cause curfew. :'(

Well, it was still a fufilling day in the end and one thing I love about events like these are the free goodies. Upon registration, we are immediately entitled to a goodie bag which consisted of various vouchers, makeup products from Za Cosmectics as well as the recent issue of CLEO magazine. Here's some of the stuff from the event.

I really should start attending events again, now that I'm on a mini break from cosplay. I forgot how fun it was to go for such things. Guess it's time to look at magazines and newspapers for any upcoming events.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Geo HC-102 Hurricane Blue Circle Lens

So one of my dear friends just left for Sweden for her school exchange trip. Before she left she gave me this pair of Geo Hurricane Blue contact lens. Aparently, the supplier got the order wrong or something so she gave them to me instead. Thanks babe!

So here's a little review of these pair of contacts. After opening them, I noticed the design was a simple blue lens. The colour looks really pretty but I wondered how this would turn out on my black brown eyes. The Geo brand is quite popular for casual everyday wear in terms of colour and design. Actually, I had tried Geo lens before, I got a green pair and the colour turned out really nice so I had expectations for this one. I had a fashion shoot around that period which I of course took the chance to try these lens out.



  • Diameter: 14.2mm
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Water Content: 38 %
  • 12 months disposable

I received the just the lens since it's from my friend so no pretty packaging on anything like that. haha.

So here's how they turned out on my eyes.

The colour was disappointing. The blue sadly doesn't show up well on dark eyes.  Under certain lighting conditions, these may look like a dark blue but most of the time it just looks black. My friend didn't even realized I was wearing blue ones. The hurricane design is really nice though and looks natural on the eyes so it's still quite pretty to wear out, just that it probably won't look blue.

GEO being very popular for everyday wear is without a doubt meant to be comfy. These soft lens are thin and you can barely feel it on the eyes. I wore it for about 8 hrs for a shoot, no pain or discomfort whatsoever. 

This pair is 14.2mm in diameter hence, little to no enlargement is expected. My pupils are big in general so these were like my natural pupil size. To be fair these contacts are meant for daily casual wear so this would be a good fit. Just that I'm a fan of more vivid looking lenses. 


Personally, I'm not a fan of these. They're not suited for my dark eyes. There's a bunch of series that GEO offers which are better in terms of colour. Of course, these are still nice to wear, probably good for light eyes but if you're like me, maybe try a brown or black one instead just to enhance and brighten your natural pupils. These design definitely blend well so it's great for simple everyday wear. Since it's free, I'm still gonna wear these out for school or something.

I did wore it to a shoot once and here's one of the photos.

Till next time! :)

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